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Dollars and Cents
The Sioux Falls sleep center is a standalone, physician based, sleep laboratory. It is not affiliated with a major health system. This can reflect in significant savings to you, the patient. When you go to community hospitals they charged the fee for performing the study, and a tag along the facility fees and other fees that can easily doubled cost of the study. Some hospitals in Sioux Falls charge more than $4000 for a polysomnography or nighttime sleep study. Our total cost is between $1200 and $1500 If you have health insurance, your co-pay would be an office co-pay and the range of $20-$50 according to your plan. However, if you have health insurance, and you go to a hospital for sleep testing, you are responsible of 20% of the total sum. This is why people drive more than four hours to come to our center, and use the money they saved for a night out on the town.

If you have Medicare, you can be proud to help the US government by obtaining the best possible sleep test without the extra costs tagged on by local hospitals. If you do not have health coverage, we have lowered prices and payment plans that can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Insurance coverage
We have insurance professionals, who would help with coverage for all patients’ testing, providing insurances and payers with adequate documentations and timely reports that the will avoid you falling in the cracks and getting stuck with any large bills.

Sleep Medicine Specialty
The Sioux Falls Sleep Center is affiliated directly with sleep medicine specialist, from a physician and technician stand points, that are nationally recognized. You will get to the autumn line of your sleep disorder without having to get the run around referred from one clinic to the other and cutting the red tape.

National Accreditation
The Sioux Falls Sleep Center is nationally credited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, which guarantees the highest level of accuracy and the highest level of care available in the region. Local hospitals do not have to adhere to the same levels and some are not accredited.

Scope of Practice
The Sioux Falls sleep center offers a multifaceted approach to sleep medicine. Most local hospitals offer a screening for sleep apnea and CPAP set up. However, we offer treatments for  insomnia, restlessness of the legs, narcolepsy, nightmare disorder, anxiety and mind racing at bedtime, sleep walking, sleep talking, grinding of the teeth, as well as a whole host of diseases. By coming to the Sioux Falls Sleep Center you are sure to get your sleep medicine needs and have a healthy sleep beyond the capability of most local hospitals.

CPAP Coverage
The same specialists in sleep medicine, would use their expertise to help you seamlessly proceed to any CPAP coverage or may require. You would not be stuck shuttling between one physician and another or one institution in another in order to get your medical equipment in a timely manner.