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The Sioux Falls Sleep Center offers a wide array of sleep testing and studies. We will help guide you through the process with your ordering physician, and guarantee the best care possible.

POLYSOMNOGRAPHY (Night Time Sleep Study)
Polysomnography is a polygraphic recording during sleep of multiple physiologic variables related to the state and stages of sleep to assess possible biological causes of sleep disorders. During a PSG, patients are hooked up to multiple wires that monitor them throughout an entire night of sleep. A PSG monitors EEG, EOG, EMG, airflow, thoracic and abdomen movement, leg movement, body position, EKG, heart rate, and oxygen saturation.

A split-night study consists of the polysomnography (diagnostic portion) and also the titration (treatment portion) in one night of testing. During the first segment of the night the technician will monitor the patient’s sleep. If there is clear evidence of sleep disordered breathing, treatment would be initiated during the second segment of the night. The technician will adjust the PAP as the patient sleeps until the sleep disordered breathing is effectively eliminated.

The titration is the treatment part of the sleep study. The titration polysomnography is a sleep study dedicated to identifying the treatment for sleep apnea with positive airway pressure. If the patient is known to have obstructive sleep apnea from a previous sleep study, positive airway pressure such as CPAP, or BiPAP may be ordered. The patient would then return for a full night polysomnography dedicated to titrating those devices to find out the adequate settings.

During this test the main objective of the study is to identify those at risk for narcolepsy and appreciate the degree of sleepiness the patient may have. After a full night sleep study, the patient is awakened and asked to perform daily activities, and at certain times of the day the patient would return to bed to take a nap. The ability to take a nap, the stages of sleep reached during the nap, and other factors are taken into account.

This is a specialized test during the daytime that also consists of taking naps. The patient is asked to sit still in a darkened room and attempt to avoid falling asleep. This specialized test is designed specifically to answer requirements by the Department of Transportation for commercial drivers or pilots who have to prove the ability to maintain their license.

Newer technologies allow for a screening of sleep apnea in the patient’s home. These devices are portable and small enough to allow the patient to be tested in his or hers own bed. The Sioux Falls Sleep Center will help guide you through multiple devices that are available and arrange for your testing.